FTC Justification of FY 2007 is BS

The United States of America Justice Department Federal Trade Commission has put forth a request for their FY 2007 budget to Congress along with a justification of such need. Unfortunately the Federal Trade Commission’s piss poor performance in all activities seems to indicate that it might be much wiser to close the agency than to grant them their desired level of funding.

Let’s review; The Federal Trade Commission’s War in SPAM was a complete and utter failure and the amount of SPAM actually increased during their time on the job of enforcing the new CAN SPAM Act. The amount of identity theft has increase and although the FTC was able to levee fines against businesses who were the victims of the theft of personal data of their clientele, the FTC was not able to stop it. The Do Not Call List was mismanaged and only partially successful in our review.

Why is the United State’s taxpayer liable for the failures at the FTC and why should we be funding this agency any more money? Obviously it appears that they cannot do anything right and fail to curb crime when it is identified and assigned to them. I believe we would be better off funding the feces research on various upright walking mammals then to fund any more money to the FTC. Why can’t we close such poor performing agencies in our government? Consider this in 2006.